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Co-Create the Best You

  • Native American Energy Healer
  • Holy Fire® Reiki Master
  • Holy Fire Karuna® Master
  • Advanced Theta Practitioner
  • Galactic Healing
  • Wellness Coach
  • Manifesting Coach

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This is the first day I haven't needed Valium. The entities physical and psychic abuse had progressively escalated, putting me in a weakened vulnerable, fragile condition. There were times when I felt my self slipping, succumbing-obviously the pernicious intent of the evil thing. Because of your advanced spiritual technology, your gifted healing talent, because of your loving compassion, perhaps I have escaped the worst with the destructive thieving thing. You have saved not only my mind but also my life.

Thank you-Thank you-Thank you- You are one of Gods own.
Love Jan


Using a blend of Native American herbs and gems, along with Eastern teachings of Holy Fire® Reiki and Holy Fire Karuna®, Ironheart combines her knowledge and wisdom to alleviate your stresses.

These are some of the herbs and gems she uses:
White Sage has been used since the time of the Romans when they used them to cure snakebites and also in their baths for aching muscle and sore tired feet.

Centuries later The Native Americans understood its mending benefits to help heal stomach issues.
Today, many use white sage in a tea to control blood sugar issues. Ironheart warns, “This is not a prescription to stop taking insulin. It is merely a tool to work in conjunction with your current medical needs and medical doctors.”
During treatments, Ironheart uses white sage to relax the mind, body and spirit. The aroma relaxes the tenseness and also protects one from negative influences.
With the influence of her Native American teachings she also uses Bear Berry, Red Cedar and Sweet Grass when needed.
For wellness sessions and attunements, Ironheart also uses Native American gemstones such as turquoise and malachite. Turquoise is considered a healing stone and by wearing the gem it results in healing by the power of the Earth’s energy. Native Americans also use this to heal sickness, respiration problems and stomach issues. Malachite is also used to balance and stabilize emotions.
Other gemstones used in her arsenal of goodwill are: garnet, carnelian, citrine, green aventurine, soclalite, amethyst, and quartz crystal. The gems are used specifically to clear one’s chakras.

Healing sessions with me are as follows:

15 min.......44.00

30 min.......77.00

45 min.....111.00

Remote Healing sessions available.


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