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  • Native American Energy Healer
  • Holy Fire® Reiki Master
  • Holy Fire Karuna® Master
  • Advanced Theta Practitioner
  • Galactic Healing
  • Wellness Coach
  • Manifesting Coach

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I would like to give a shout-out to the amazing Wanda Traversie! (Facebook link). I have had several sessions ..along with my son( Distant and in person. ) with Wanda. Amazing can not describe them. Myself and my son have been helped along in amazing ways with these sessions. My son has autism and with each session I see a calmness and transformation, as well with myself! I highly recommend a session if you have not already had one. Also, I have had the amazing experience of training and receiving my Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and master teacher certification with Wanda and Patricia LaDale Lane (Facebook link).


This is the first day I haven't needed Valium. The entities physical and psychic abuse had progressively escalated, putting me in a weakened vulnerable, fragile condition. There were times when I felt my self slipping, succumbing-obviously the pernicious intent of the evil thing. Because of your advanced spiritual technology, your gifted healing talent, because of your loving compassion, perhaps I have escaped the worst with the destructive thieving thing. You have saved not only my mind but also my life.

Thank you-Thank you-Thank you- You are one of Gods own.
Love Jan


My mother had scheduled an appointment for my husband and I as wedding present as we were going to WinStar for our honeymoon. I thought it was an awesome idea my soon to be new husband just went along wirh it. We had a powerful session wirh Wanda who helped me with a breathing problem as I deal with asthma I have felt free and clear since then. When she was speaking with Wanda she shared a past life image of us. My husband said it was an amazing experience and also had work done on his shoulder and feels amazing. Now all of this is well and good but let me share the amazing part with you. She did a prosperity blessing on us and provided us with a prosperity oil and body spray. We jad used it the first two nights laughingly. Then on the last night my husband says let's do this right! We anointed each other with the oil and said a blessing and then sprayed ourselves down in the spray and grounded and centered the way Wanda had shown us.... please see the attached resluts. Lets just say we walked away happy!!

Wanda please feel free to use this as a personal testimony and release rights to you.

Thank you thank you!


Two years ago when I met wanda I was a skeptic. I believed there could not be a tangible benefit to energy medicine. I reluctantly tried my first session and just cant stop coming back. Powerful and very tangible is how I would describe the many benefits I have experienced. Do your self a favor and give her a try...you won't regret it.
Lamarque Polvado
CEO CareStarter


To those on the Spiritual Journey,

I was so recently blessed to have attended a Reiki 1 and 2 class with Wanda. She impressed me with her knowledge, compassion, and deep desire to teach others about Reiki, and how it can empower people's lives. Wanda is very sincere in using her gifts to make the world a more beautiful place to live. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is on a path of spiritual learning.
Elaine B.





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